Servanthood and Freedom c2005 Wendy Francisco
Once there was a girl whose name was Servanthood. She rode a pony stallion named Freedom.

The girl and the pony were like one. Everyday they helped poor country families. Freedom would pull the plows or take the children for rides, while Servanthood would help with the washing, harvesting or cooking. At night the townspeople would light the fires and eat and sing and tell stories. Freedom and Servanthood were happy. Their faces reflected the fullness of their hearts.
One day, as they were traveling on a lonely road between towns, a large wolf stepped into their path. The wolf ignored the pony but stared intently at the girl. "You ride pretty high on your Freedom. But if you really want to serve your God, you must give up what you love, follow me on foot, and learn your role. After all, we both know that the pony's real name is not Freedom, but Rebellion."
Freedom laid his ears back and said, "He lies, Servanthood. My name is not Rebellion unless you leave me." But the dart had been well aimed. Servanthood hung her head, dismounted, and was led away.
Rebellion raced across the mountains alone to a far country. His coat became stained and filled with burrs. His hooves grew long and cracked and his ribs began to show. He was consumed with emptiness.
Servanthood continued to work among the people. Every day the wolf would tell her where to go, and give her a long list of things to do. One day, as she was scrubbing a floor, the wolf said to her, "Now you have a new name, 'Slave'. Nobody can serve God enough to please Him fully, but His grace makes up for your pitiful lack." Slave felt proud of her advancement, but guilty for her imperfections. She continued to scrub.
Rebellion journeyed further into the wilderness. One day he came to a pool of still water. He was exhausted. Big horse tears spilled from his eyes. Suddenly he heard his old name, "Freedom", spoken in a deep voice. He looked up and saw a man with gentle eyes smiling at him. "Follow me, Freedom", He said, "I will bring you back to Servanthood."
Instantly Freedom was standing on a hill in his own country. His coat was white and shiny. The man was standing beside him. "Servanthood is down below in the town." He said. "She will not have you back just yet. She has taken a name which I did not give her. She is working to gain something which I have already given her. She feels the emptiness of her labors, but is trapped in pride and anger. She will die without you, Freedom. Wait here. I will call you soon." The man disappeared and Freedom stood alone on the hillside and waited.
Slave was covered with soot. She had been cleaning a chimney. It was her last chore for the day. As she beat out a brush, a child went riding by on a little white pony. Slave yelled at the child, "It is wrong to ride ponies!" The child hung his head and climbed off the pony. Self-satisfied, Slave continued to beat out the brush, sending clouds of black dust everywhere.
Slave was very tired. She had been working for days - for years. She thought about Freedom and wondered where he was. Suddenly Slave dropped the brush and fell sobbing into the ashes.
At once the wolf appeared and snarled, "Why have you stopped? How dare you stop?!" But Slave only cried harder, "I am through with you, and with God!" She wailed, "Leave me!" The wolf griinned and faded away. Slave was left angry, broken, and alone.
"Servanthood!" Slave heard her old name spoken in a deep smiling voice. She turned to see a man in a glowing robe. At once she realized it was God. He took her hand and lifted her out of the ashes. "Servanthood", He said, "The wolf tricked you. Don't you know that I did not come to call you slave, but friend? When you serve from obligation, your love is hollow, and your efforts strengthen the wolf's domain rather than my Kingdom."
Suddenly Freedom stepped out from behind God. Servanthood ran and threw her arms around Freedom's neck. Freedom bowed, and Servanthood slipped onto his back.

"You are each my gift to the other," said God, with a big smile, " Without each other, neither of you can exist. Stay together and carry my joy to this world."
The Credits

Freedom and Servanthood was written, photographed and illustrated by Wendy Francisco.
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Servanthood is played by my daughter, Annie Brooks. She is wearing a lovely prom dress sewed by Lisa Espinoza. Annie didn't really ride Danny, she rode the back of the couch and I placed her on Danny in Photoshop. Annie is a singer/songwriter and you can catch up with her on her FB Page

God is played by my husband Don Francisco. Don is wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and Walmart panel curtains.
Don is a singer/songwriter too, and you can hear his music at

Freedom is played by the marvelous Fell Pony stallion, Orton Hall Danny, who lives up the road,
and is owned and trained by my dear friend Pat Burge.
I didn't give either Annie or Danny any more mane than they really have.

Thank you to my friends and family.